PRP Applications

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PRP Applications

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma application, is used in many medicine today. successfully applied in the industry.

as well as medical aesthetics The place of PRP applications in studies is increasing day by day. Because although it is both a natural and harmless application, it has serious yields successful results.

For this reason, many people It tends towards PRP applications.

Along with PRP applications in the field of medical aesthetics rejuvenation is aimed. The feature of the PRP application is applied bringing rejuvenation and revitalization to the region.

We are also medical skin rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation by performing PRP applications in the field of aesthetics We actively use it for treatment processes such as hair loss.

In PRP applications, the treatment process is by taking the person's own blood. starts. The substance used in the PRP application is the person's own obtained from blood.

But here the blood rich blood cells enriched in terms of nutrients and in this way a new formula is prepared.

PRP applications, also known as stem cell therapy, This is how the technique works and is prepared with rich blood cells. Thanks to this serum, you can also achieve great results in the field of medical aesthetics. possible to do.

Serum obtained in PRP applications It brings youth and vitality to the area where it is applied. Healthier, brighter and gives a youthful appearance.

In PRP application, rich blood obtained by taking the blood of the person serum rich in cells is injected. This is a skin area or hair that you wish to rejuvenate. it could be.

Thus, it is possible to get attractive results in the desired area. is happening.

Time required: Sessions lasting an average of 1 hour every 3-4 weeks will be carried out. Application number of sessions region, needs and characteristics of the person. varies.

Type of anesthesia:
It does not need anesthesia.

Healing Process:
• Back to work or school: Continuing with daily activities Although there is no problem in protection will suffice.
• Sports or strenuous activity: Damage to the application area in the first days It is recommended to stay away from activities that will cause there is no problem.
• Last view: Last view in a few weeks sometimes a few months obtainable.