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Factors such as aging, especially birth in the vaginal area in women may wear out.

These attritions also affect the quality of life of women. sexual intercourse in both the woman and the woman's partner. It can also produce negative results in terms of relationship.

This problem can be repaired and repaired with vaginoplasty, that is, vaginal tightening aesthetic operation. the desired standard of living can be achieved again. Thus, both women with the improvement seen in both aesthetic and functional aspects, in the quality of the imagination. now happens.

Moreover, the psychological negative factors disappear. Of course, with this result, sexual life also it will start to move in the good direction again and it will be better for both sides. A healthy sex life will be lived.

In vaginoplasty aesthetic operation, the purpose is deformed in the vagina. It is done by detecting and removing tissues.

While these deformed tissues are removed, the healthy areas around this area, namely muscle and other tissues are surgically compressed and in the vaginal area both aesthetic and both a functional form is gained.

Required time: 1 hour

Type of anesthesia:
Local anesthesia, general anesthesia in special cases

Healing Process:
Back to Work or School: 3-30 days
Last View: 1 month or more