Post Pregnancy Aesthetics

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Post Pregnancy Aesthetics

Birth is one of the most miraculous experiences for every woman. However, pregnancy process of women in terms of aesthetics in the birth and postpartum period. Unpleasant situations may arise.

Of course, aesthetic concerns for the health of both mother and baby are at the forefront during pregnancy. is not. However, especially in the postpartum period, physical problems can cause an increase in aesthetic concerns.

This results in effective results that will lead to the emergence of psychological problems in women. can give birth. However, it should not be forgotten that with today's aesthetic applications, you desire the unwanted image that emerged during the pregnancy period you can make.

In general, very serious problems if the pregnancy occurred with one child, not twins. does not appear. However, the person's age, personal characteristics and, if any, according to a normal scenario through some diseases he has It is more likely to be affected by pregnancy.

The main problems that occur after pregnancy are loss of volume in the breast and sagging and abdominal cracks and sagging are the most common ones.

Post-pregnancy aesthetics is not an application itself. Aesthetics experienced by the woman giving birth in the post-pregnancy period problems are detected and the aesthetic operations needed as a whole, it is combined under post-pregnancy aesthetics.

In post-pregnancy aesthetic applications, the process is to convey the patient's complaints and In the light of these complaints, by making the necessary research and analysis, starts. Then, the aesthetic processes that the person needs are determined and It is organized through which procedures these operations will take place. is done.

Tummy tuck, breast lift within the scope of post-pregnancy aesthetics, crack treatment with liposuction, laser or mesotherapy, vaginoplasty and blemish treatments such as

Time required: Different times for each operation o

Type of anesthesia:
General anesthesia or local anesthesia

Healing Process:
It varies depending on the operation.