Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

The effects of aging, the volume created by the pregnancy process loss, loosening and sagging, menopause, weight gain and loss processes or various genetic factors in breasts deformations may occur.

Loss of the old elasticity of the breast, creating a saggy image and making it feel aesthetically uncomfortable. gaining shape is an image that women do not desire.

As it is one of the most disturbing conditions, the most common These are the situations.

However, such situations can also be improved within the scope of aesthetic applications. and the desired image can be obtained again.

Breast lift aesthetics, also called mastopexy operation comes into play here.

Breast reduction is very similar to the aesthetic operation, mostly in parallel. way they go.

Many techniques are used in breast lift operations. Here, in order to determine the technique correctly, the complaints of the person are examined and analyzes and researches are carried out on the breast.

In the light of all the information obtained, the most suitable technical specialist surgeons determined by the company and a step is taken to the operation process.

Required time: 1-3 hours.

Type of anesthesia:
general anesthesia

Healing Process:
Back to Work or School: 1 week
Sport or strenuous activity: 1 month
Final Outlook: A few months, 1 year, sometimes more