Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction implemented within the scope of aesthetic applications surgical operations are disturbing in the external appearance of our female patients. are implemented in order to make changes in the subjects on which they are concerned.

Breast reduction surgery is both cosmetic surgery and evaluated in the form of reconstructive surgery.

This is the breast Reduction operations only reduce the size of the breast. all the shape and function available in the breast shows that it aims to cure the disorders.

Large breasts can cause serious problems. Among these problems, women neck, back and waist, which they suffer by having to carry the big chest pains come.

The breasts can put serious weight on the shoulders over time, causing problems at this point as well. Forward may occur during the period. Also for big breasts sweating may be more and such as diaper rash, fungal growth situations may be encountered.

All problems experienced by patients, especially waist, neck, and back pain, with breast reduction operation can be eliminated.

In fact, breast reduction is very similar to breast lift operation in terms of operation. Breast breast lift aesthetics of reduction plastic surgery The only difference from the operation is that the glands and fats in the breast are a part of the breast. part is taken.

Reconstructing the breast in breast reduction aesthetic operations There are many techniques used to shape it.

At this point, in the light of the complaints and personal characteristics of the patients, the specialist surgeon our staff performs the necessary analysis and research process, determines the procedure you need.

In addition to all the procedures to be performed in breast reduction operations, if available Asymmetrical breasts are also made symmetrical. Like this A more attractive breast image can be obtained by considering every detail and self-confidence is restored.

Time required: 2-4 hours

Type of anesthesia:
general anesthesia

Healing Process:
Back to Work or School: 1 week
Sport or strenuous activity: 1 month
Last View: several months, 1 year, sometimes more