Stretch Mark Treatment

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Stretch Mark Treatment

The problem of cracks is faced by many people today and it is an inconvenience.

Often fairly rapid weight gain or weight loss appears in the scenarios. Crack formation is actually leather. takes place under

group of tissues located under the skin stresses are most common in crack formation. is one of the reasons.

In summary, crack formation in the subcutaneous region occurred as a result of the deformation of the fiber group, It is an annoying problem. unbalanced and malnutrition, aging and inactivity factors triggering crack formation between.

However, its definitive emergence is usually associated with weight loss and in increases. Fissure formation is mostly Although it occurs in different parts of our body, can show itself. In addition to the abdominal area, the upper legs and arms frequently observed in the regions.

Also in the chest area There are cases where it occurs. Developed on sudden weight loss It is also seen around the waist and legs in scenarios. Although rare It can even occur in the groin area.

There are various methods used in the treatment of stretch marks, but the most common The most common application with a great success rate is laser applications. Dermatherapy method in skin cracks, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) application, Carboxytherapy method, Biodermogenesi method and laser applications are made.

Multiple lasers in the treatment of stretch marks procedure has been successfully implemented. In newly formed red cracks laser application with better results as Pulse DYE laser method can be exemplified. Crack formation in fractional laser method minimize the factors that will trigger crack formation used for download.

In the Icon laser method, the lower part of the skin layers are directly targeted with high energy and cracks are eliminated. It is intended to be used and the skin is not damaged in the meantime. Before starting the crack treatment, the patient's complaints are physical. examination and various analyzes are needed.

However, for this person the right procedure can be determined and the roadmap for the treatment process removable. Then the method determined within the framework of the needs Crack treatment sessions of the person are started over.

crack with laser In the treatment, recovery is provided between 2-5 sessions.

Time required: 5 sessions at 3-4 week intervals

Type of anesthesia:
No need for anesthesia, some special Local anesthetic creams can be used in applications.

Healing Process:
Back to work or school: Life can be continued as normal.
Sports or strenuous activity: Irritation, impact and excessive You can do sports by protecting it from tension.
Final appearance: Occurs following the end of the sessions.