Male Breast Aesthetics (Gynecomastia)

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Male Breast Aesthetics (Gynecomastia)

Gynecomastia treatment applied within the scope of male breast aesthetics, female type breasts in men due to various factors It is used in the problem of gynecomastia.

This disorder, which starts mostly in adolescence, It is caused by the difference in hormones. formed during this period female type breast condition is usually temporary but in some cases may persist permanently.

In addition, there is a possibility of formation and permanence not only in adolescence but also in later ages. subject. The first of the underlying reasons is the increase in adipose tissue, the second is the increase in adipose tissue. is described as enlargement of the mammary glands.

In the development of gynecomastia, one of these reasons may be present, or both may have triggered it. Hormonal disorders, some drugs used side effects, bad eating habits, high weight problem The development of gynecomastia can be observed through factors such as

Surgical intervention in order to eliminate the problem in male breast aesthetic applications is essential. If gynecomastia develops, do not take any medication or exercise. treatment program does not prevent female type breast formation.

Therefore, it is recommended to apply to aesthetic applications. If gynecomastia occurs, men's clothing choices and their social life can be seriously affected.

In men with self-confidence problems and dissatisfied with themselves, various psychological problems may arise. However, with aesthetic operations, this situation can be changed in a positive way.

In gynecomastia surgical applications, liposuction and excisional tissue Two different methods are used, namely extraction.

Our team of professional surgeons in the field, the person's complaint, the person's characteristics and The most appropriate treatment for the person by examining the extent of the situation determines the method and then the process begins.

Required time: 1-1.5 hours

Type of anesthesia:
general anesthesia

Healing Process:
Back to Work or School: 3 days
Sport or strenuous activity: 4 weeks
Last View: A few months