Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift

With the effect of gravity and time, the butt's tight form and appearance may lose. A flat form of buttocks with a decrease in elasticity or loosening and sagging may occur.

In such cases, it is also known as BBL, Brazillian Butt Lift, within the scope of butt lift. butt lift aesthetic application can be applied.

Thus, patients who complain about their hips desire a curvaceous, prominent, young, full and tight buttocks image can be regained. here of course desires and experience must go together.

A form suitable for the body type is created by entering the analysis and research process according to the desires and wishes of the person. is intended to be revealed. Thus, people with the right body type They may be more satisfied with themselves.

Today, butt aesthetics is an application that is increasing in popularity among aesthetic operations. However, it is a surgical aesthetic that is frequently requested by our patients. turned into practice.

Butt aesthetics has become so popular and is more preferred. Some factors are of great importance. Because butt aesthetics With the application, the waist, abdomen and hip region of the patients will also be extended. can be integrated.

Thus, people gain the opportunity to have an operation on a large area that they are uncomfortable with. Especially preferred Additional aesthetic application is the liposuction application applied to these areas.

Moreover, the fat mass taken from this region with liposuction, stem cell It is injected into the hip after enriching with the used for the desired image.

A fuller, contoured and upright hip is revealed and a more attractive appearance is obtained. The mostly preferred procedure in butt lift surgery is fat. includes injection.

However, in some cases, especially if the patient is very weak, placing an implant may also be an alternative solution. is inserted. In butt aesthetics, the process is based on the patient's personal characteristics. proceeds with the determination of the most appropriate method according to the

Time required: 1-3 hours

Type of anesthesia:
general anesthesia

Healing Process:
Back to Work or School: Buttock in 2 weeks but within 8 weeks Do not sit directly on
Sport or strenuous activity: 6-8 weeks
Last View: Min 3 months