Mole Treatment

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Mole Treatment

Mole removal applications have been successfully completed within the scope of medical aesthetics. is implemented.

While there are several different methods for hiring, the most laser, a method that is frequently used and provides healthy success rates does not take.

Mole with radiofrequency removal or surgery with mole picking up is also an option, but often there is an additional problem or In the absence of complications, laser mole removal is preferred. Of course, depending on the situation and characteristics of the person. The procedure may differ.

Because not every mole can be removed with laser. Moles taken with laser applications are mostly at height with skin. moles found. The working mechanism of laser applications is the same. The way I am also in the intake is no different.

electrical energy to heat energy the relevant region is targeted and the mole is taken. with laser It is normal to leave a small scar in the targeted area in mole removal. Only for self-removal applications that can be performed through a session It is possible to use anesthetic creams.

Mole intake apps since it focuses directly on the removal of the mole from the body, the area concerned and the targeted area is not very large. In this aspect, mole applications can be completed very quickly.

In this aspect too It will not cause long-lasting pain or suffering. if The mole problem experienced by the patient occurs in many parts of his body. If it has appeared, each of them can be easily taken in the same session. There may be a slight ache and scar in the relevant area, but the skin will be removed in a short time. recovery and recovery.

Mole intake daily life or it is not an application that affects the quality of life.

I am very large in the application area if I in the reception applications If not, there will be no scar on the skin.

If a stain is seen in the relevant area, mole lightening of the color of this stain with the laser applied in the application of it occurs. Hair follicles are not damaged in the process of I.

Mostly, the result is permanent after the mole removal is completed, rarely Although, mole formation can be observed in the region depending on the patient type.

Time required: 1 session lasting maximum 1 hour, in some cases The process is completed definitively over a few sessions.

Type of anesthesia:
Anesthesia creams for anesthesia is used.

Healing Process:
Back to work or school: Life can be continued as normal.
Sports or strenuous activity: Irritation, impact and excessive You can start the sport by protecting it from tension.
Final view: The result is obtained immediately after the application, The final appearance is obtained with the complete healing of the skin.