Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

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Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Congenital or later developed deformities in the nose the process of putting the nose into an aesthetic form in harmony with the face performed within the scope of aesthetics. In short, the desired state of the nose aesthetic surgeries applied to gain

The nose is a very important organ for human life. Both aesthetic and functionally, the differences revealed by the nose are quite large. Function breath, which is a necessity for our life, when evaluated in terms of The receiving function is done through the nose. Also from our feelings Be one, the scent is also provided through the nose. Moreover, the nose is aesthetically is also very important. Because, due to its position, all human beings It has the ability to change its face. Your nose makes your whole expression It's special enough to impress. This is the nose, both aesthetically and functionally. It is so important to us, within the scope of rhinoplasty, that these two basic moves on value

Within the scope of rhinoplasty, the patient's breathing problem in our clinic improvement of bone and cartilage curvature that allows it to live deviation surgery is performed. Both functionally and aesthetically rhinoplasty applications are implemented. nose for us A nose that is both compatible and aesthetically pleasing to the face, which is important in aesthetics to create the best quality of life in functional terms. can achieve the level. So you can breathe in a healthy way and aesthetic appearance can be satisfied.

According to the size of the patient's condition, loss of function and desires, the most the appropriate form is determined and the surgical procedure is started. Aesthetic in the light of the procedure to be applied in surgical applications is determined. Aesthetic surgery applications including open and closed can be implemented. Open nose, also called open rhinoplasty of the nostrils known as columella in aesthetic surgery An incision is made on the skin in the middle with the help of a scalpel. The opened incision The connective and soft tissues under it are completely removed and the skin All rhinoplasty operations to be performed in this case is performed. Small scarring in open rhinoplasty applications possible, but these scars are too small to be noticed. they will be. In closed rhinoplasty, that is, in closed aesthetic operations, No incision is made from the outside. Actions to be taken It all takes place on the nasal mucosa and the skin inside the nose. At the same time, all ligaments and ligaments of the nose in closed rhinoplasty applications. tissues are preserved.

Required time: 1.5-2 hours

Type of Anesthesia:
Local or General

Healing Process:
Back to work or school: 1 Week
Sport or strenuous activity: 2-3 Weeks
Last appearance: 1 year, sometimes more