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Leg Lift

The effect of gravity actually pulls us downwards throughout our lives. We live with power.

Of course, with the effects of aging. Sagging can occur in various parts of our body. Sagging is not only in this way, but high weight or fast when we somehow lose a large amount of weight again can happen.

This leg, which occurs especially in female patients, sagging is usually located on the inside of the leg. This too daily when it exceeds the relaxation level and reaches the stage of serious sagging quality of life by turning into a life-affirming problem. may affect.

Especially female patients prefer clothes such as skirts. continuous contact of the inner surfaces of the legs with each other, sweating and Depending on it, it can reveal formations such as diaper rash. Of course this is life. will cause serious deterioration in quality.

In addition to the health problems it reveals, leg sagging is aesthetically pleasing. may also create an undesirable image and patients may experience this situation. may not be satisfied. This also reveals psychological problems. It's a sign that you can get out. This sagging of the leg problem, which is desired again within the scope of leg stretching aesthetic operation. can be rendered into an image.

Leg stretching operation implemented within the scope of leg aesthetics should be applied by specialist surgeons in purely clinical settings. Leg stretching operation is performed under general anesthesia. Although it varies from person to person, it requires a process of about 2 hours.

Mostly, patients are treated within 1 day unless additional complications are observed. they go through the hospitalization process.

Skin removal from the area coming from the groin to the inner surface of the leg in the leg lift aesthetic application is performed. After the skin is removed, the inner surface of the leg at the lower border, It is stretched and sewn to the point on the crotch line.

Thus, we perform the excess fat removal process and the sagging process with the stretching process. we get a tighter leg form by destroying the image.

Although providing tension is the priority of leg lift operations, if If the patient needs, liposuction can be integrated into the process. can be done.

Required time: 2 hours

Type of anesthesia:
Mostly general, sometimes local

Healing Process:
Back to Work or School: 7-10 days
Sport or strenuous activity: within 5 weeks
Final Appearance: 2-3 months