Arm Lift

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Arm Lift

Arm lift operations, especially in cases such as sagging and loosening are the applied aesthetic surgery applications.

especially with aging With the effects it creates, sagging and loosening can be experienced in the arms. This will create an image that the person does not like. This arm lift aesthetics in order to get rid of unwanted appearance operations can be applied.

Especially in middle-aged and older women stretching operations are applied. In some cases the Problems cannot be fixed even with regular diet, sports and skin care. and arm lift aesthetic operation may be needed.

Loosening of the tissues above the elbow and excess skin, especially in female patients This situation, which occurs with the formation of arm lift aesthetics It can be taken under control with the operation and corrected and the desired image can be obtained again.

At this point, both the arm is thinning and the skin tension is provided. In arm lift aesthetic operations, all excess in the inner part of the arm pieces of skin, fat, skin and subcutaneous tissues are removed.

Then, a natural and youthful appearance without harming the arm's own natural form. In order to gain an arm stretching process is applied. arm stretch operations can be integrated with different applications according to the needs of the person. can be done.

In arm lift aesthetic operation, an incision is made. However The incision made here is coincided with the inside of the arm and is directly visualized. not visibly present.

After the necessary operations are performed on the arm, the arm The muscles and fatty tissue are reshaped and the operation is terminated.

Time required: 1-3 hours

Type of anesthesia:

Healing Process:
Back to Work or School: 2-6 days
Sport or strenuous activity: 1 month
Final Appearance: 1-2 months