Permanent Make-up

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Permanent Make-up

Permanent make-up applications are frequently used in medical aesthetics today. is one of the methods.

Success in permanent make-up applications rate is high and in this way people can get the image they desire. they can. Permanent make-up is mostly based on real make-up needs. is not performed.

Permanent makeup applications The most important factor in the realization of the to fix some flaws. Deficiency, different color areas, scarcity, smallness permanent and definite solution of the negative problems that have arisen in some regions such as to the medical aesthetics branch and permanent make-up applications can be applied.

Permanent make-up applications in clinical settings, sterile materials and personal should be performed using special disposable needles. Mostly In this way, wherever there is a need on the face and body, the person's need subcutaneous injection of anti-allergic pigment substances prepared in accordance with Injection process takes place.

It's completely natural at this point. The use of materials is very important. Because permanent applications Since it is not harmful to human health, it does not harm human health and its success rate It is essential to use natural materials in terms of

natural ingredients undesirable odors or harmful Permanent make-up applications without causing effects realizable.

Permanent make-up applications, direct make-up As it can be applied to eliminate the need permanently, above As it is said, they are also the methods used to cover up the flaws.

• Lip Coloring
• Eyeliner
• Silk eyelashes
• Eyebrow shaping with 3D bristle technology
• Prosthesis and Gel Nail
• Lip Coloring-Lip Contour
• Eye Liner- Dip Liner
• Silk eyelashes
• Lash Lifting
• Eyebrow Lifting
• Eyebrow Removal
• Eyebrow shaping with 3D bristle technology
• Prosthesis and Gel Nail
• Permanent nail polish application

Permanent make-up applications can be listed as above. each one different involving different procedures, focusing on regions and different points are applications.

Here, in line with the patient's needs and desires, for the most natural appearance and functionality that can be created for it. is studied. In this direction, a treatment process is determined and the needed The methods are determined and the permanent make-up treatment process is started.

Permanent make-up applications are applications that should not be taken lightly. In order to obtain healthy permanent make-up applications, as said, completely in clinical environments, sterile and disposable It is necessary to act with materials.

Also some permanent makeup There are subtleties in the processes. Experience and professionalism requires. Under the roof of our clinic, our professional team and medical With our aesthetic doctors, you can gain the look you desire. Duration and application of permanent make-up applications The procedures differ according to the method.