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Mesotherapy applications actually rejuvenate the applied area, It has healing and rejuvenating properties.

Mesotherapy applied cellular regeneration occurs in the region and this revival It is formed by the activation of cells, as well as vitality around it. by spreading the formation of healthy cells, thus healthy tissues. triggers. Thus, a healthier look and feel occurs, rejuvenation occurs in the relevant region.

Mesotherapy injection or channel opening Rejuvenation of the skin is provided through the method. skin rejuvenating and the products needed by the skin are given to the skin. Moreover Mesotherapy or channel opening method can also be used for conditions such as stains and scars. It is one of the most used applications.

After the mesotherapy applications, the person can lie down or rest. It doesn't need processes. After the procedure, the person is normal He can go on with his life and return to his life immediately.

mesotherapy peeling is performed before the application and after peeling Numerous effects occur with the applied serum. At the beginning of these effects to increase skin moisture.

growth factors peptides and skin care is performed with antioxidant ingredients and the skin restructuring is provided. This whole process has been implemented It is refreshing to the region.

cm² to the skin with the device used during the mesotherapy care application 250-300 microchannels are opened per person. Before this process, local Since anesthesia is applied, there is no feeling of pain.

Moreover bleeding or bruising during microchannel opening not observed. Moreover, the opened microchannels are 20 minutes after the application. It will close by itself in a short time.

Time required: as much as the person needs, over sessions can happen. Recurring every few years in some cases may be required.

Type of anesthesia:
Local anesthesia is applied.

Healing Process:
Back to work or school: Life can be continued as normal.