Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

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Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid aesthetic applications are also included in the scope of facial aesthetics. are the methods used to improve deformations. Eyelash Our covers may deform depending on age. Also genetic factors, environmental factors, work and working conditions, gravity, on the eyelids for reasons such as stress and sleep problems. cosmetic problems may occur.

Thus, from an aesthetic point of view as well as functionally new forms of eyelids. it can cause trouble. This situation gives people an older and tired expression. In addition to gaining functionality, it is functional through excess skin and bags. problems can also arise.

These are also aesthetically bad. narrowing of both vision and visual field, function such as weakening and deterioration of the continuity of vision give rise to disorders.

Eyelid plastic surgery applications general or local anesthesia can be performed under What anesthetic procedure It will be applied according to both the current situation of the patient and his special request. is determined. Eyelid aesthetic operations in a clinical setting is performed.

Physicians who are experts in their fields working in the clinic of our hospital, eyelid aesthetic operations of people of different ethnic origins They are highly experienced surgeons in their fields.

This is especially important for eyelid surgeries because the eye The covers can be viewed in different ways. In this process you need By considering the treatment and your wishes, it is ensured that you get the image of your dreams.

Eyelid surgery patient and our doctor's consultation together result in the operating room environment under General or Local Anesthesia. It is an operation performed.

Our surgeons can perform eyelid surgery with a portfolio of patients of different ethnic origins. They have a wide range of experience in the field. For this reason, your rest assured that it will be tailored to your personal needs. you can be.

Time required: 1-3 hours.

Type of Anesthesia:
General, Local or Sedation

Healing Process;
Reading: 2-3 days
Back to Work: 7-10 days
Sport or strenuous activity: 3 weeks
Final Appearance: 2-4 weeks