Slimming & Body Contour Picking

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Slimming & Body Contour Picking

Slimming and body contouring is a process, not a direct operation. describes the process. Because losing weight is through instant applications. is not happening.

Losing weight involves a process and is healthy. is recommended to occur. There are many ways to lose weight. possible to take advantage of.

The same is true for contour picking. The slimming process should not be evaluated only on the basis of weight loss. To reveal the desired aesthetic appearance of the body and functional as well as slimming and body contouring to achieve a healthy body. collection stages are evaluated together.

Medical aesthetics in this field by making use of many techniques within the scope of the It helps them to have attractive bodies. We too In our clinic, together with our professional team and physicians, weight loss and We support you in body contour collection processes.

Before the slimming and body contouring process begins, the patient's complaints are heard and examinations are carried out.

In this process, various tests are also needed because slimming and body contouring collection process needs some analysis.

The person's height, weight, current diseases, drugs used are very important in this process. Like the body mass index, the data obtained from the body mass index reflect the entire treatment process. provides information to shape.

people's social life the healthiest way for them to spend their time in an enjoyable and productive way as they wish. The form of treatment in which the results will be obtained is created in the light of this information. There are many physiological and psychological aspects in the slimming and body contouring process. There are many treatment applications.

• Cryolipolysis and Regional Slimming
• Regional thinning with LPG
• Body tightening with WELLA SHAPE
• Cavitation
• Radiofrequency
• Body Recovery with G5 massage
• Lymph Drainage
• Tightening with a sculptor
• Nutritionist

Each of the above applications is slimming and body contouring. It is one of the methods that can be used in the process.

Slimming and body contour collection does not include a fixed treatment phase for everyone, from person to person may differ.

Everyone's habits and problems are different, personal characteristics and body characteristics are different. every person Acting with the belief that it is unique, we also offer special services to our patients. We are preparing treatment processes.

Increased success of treatment You should trust our professional team and in line with what they say. You must move.

In this way, the slimming process can be completed and the body the form you want completely with contour collection methods. you can win. Each method above has different needs, times and implementation procedures.