Scar Treatment

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Scar Treatment

Scar treatment, applied within the scope of medical aesthetics, Eliminating and treating various scars such as acne, acne, scar It is a method used to improve

According to skin type person may have different problems, some people get too much sun may be affected and there may be stains left by the sun on the body.

skin structure who are very oily and genetically have acne, acne problems acne scars, especially from adolescence it is natural.

If these pimples are hard inside called cystic type material-filled type, it is more dangerous to leave traces they are. In addition, scars called scars are also treated. scope can be improved.

Razor scars, surgery scars, various accidents, scars resulting from fractures, medical aesthetics within the scope of scar treatment treated in the field.

There are many different methods within the scope of scar treatment. Here What is important is that the method that is appropriate for the patient's situation is to be determined.

Laser is the most commonly used method in scar treatment. is the application.

Laser application, known as fractional laser, is the most common It is among the applications that are applied and have a high success rate.

However Ablative Laser, Dermabrasion, Filler applications, oil injections, Peeling, Microdermabrasion, Mesotherapy, PRP, surgery There are also many different uses such as intervention and Keloid treatment.

Here, the current problem experienced by the patient is acted upon. For example, an area of ​​skin that has collapsed due to acne, acne problem If there is, filling can be applied here.

However, in general Fractional, in other words Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser treatment is possible.

Excellent in 3-5 sessions with Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser applications results can be obtained and it is enough to put about 1 month between sessions. will be.

After the Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser application After the application, there may be slight redness on the skin, 10-15 days after the application. flaking, peeling and spilling of the skin over time is normal. In this way, the skin is renewed and healing takes place.

Required time: Session time changes according to the application area. However, the process can take place over 3-5 sessions of 1 hour at most. can be completed.

Type of anesthesia:
Depends on the application, some there is none.

Healing Process:
Back to work or school: Life can be continued as normal. The area should be protected from the sun.
Sports or strenuous activity: Irritation, impact and excessive You can start the sport by protecting it from tension. In the post-session period It is recommended not to sweat for a week.
Final appearance: After the end of the sessions, the peeling process is also with the end of the new look begins to make itself felt.