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Labiaplasty application, in its most basic form, is located in the vaginal region and the process of shaping the areas called lips tells.

Labiaplasty application is the deformation of the inner lips of the female vaginal area, namely the labium minus lips. implemented to resolve it. In the simplest terms, these are the inner lips. correction of sagging and aesthetically desired The aim is to reproduce the image.

The sagging condition that occurs in these lips can also be caused by birth. Some women vaginal area lips may be very large from birth and these lips It may loosen over time.

Vaginal lips are large and drooping, resulting in undesirable results both functionally and aesthetically. can take it out. Especially the sagging lips in the lower part of the clothes. aside from affecting their preferences, it causes trouble even when walking is normal.

Also, women don't like this look. known. This, in turn, leads to the emergence of psychological problems. It can cause great troubles. However, within the scope of aesthetic applications Easy improvement of this problem with labiaplasty performed possible.

Small lips are too big, small lips are drooping and small Especially in cases where there is a difference in size between the lips, especially functional and If problems arise in terms of quality of life, labiaplasty applications are recommended.

Required time: 1 hour

Type of anesthesia:
Local anesthesia, general anesthesia in special cases

Healing Process:
Back to Work or School: 3-30 days
Last View: 1 month or more