Chemical Peel

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Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling applications are within the scope of medical aesthetics branch. It is one of the successfully applied wrinkle treatments.

wrinkle treatment Applications include Chemical Peeling, Botox, Filler injections and Methods such as phototherapy are used.

The patient lives in line with the analysis of the problem and the examination of the complaints, according to the skin type The most suitable method is determined and the treatment process begins.

In this area Chemical Peeling application is also frequently used and its success rate is is one of the methods.

It can be said that chemical peeling is actually the process of peeling the skin. Chemical Some creams for wrinkle treatment with peeling is used. These creams feature substances that will gently peel off the skin. they contain.

For example, creams containing vitamin A, that is, retinoic acid, creams with salicylic acid, creams containing fruit acid, namely alpha hydroxy acid is used more.

These products, which we have sampled as glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid, It is completely preferred according to the size of the situation and the skin type of the person. is being done.

This applies to leathers with suitable characteristics. applications are carried out. In this way, in the upper layers of the skin the peeling process begins and develops.

The peeling process is not a negative step on the contrary, the process that will start the revival and renewal in the relevant region. it is itself.

With peeling starting on the skin layer superficial wrinkles, various acne and light scars, blemishes It may heal, it may disappear. In this way, the desired image is more will be approached.

During the Chemical Peeling process, we provide our patients with a low-concentration We recommend long-term application of acid applications because this in the collagen tissue in the subcutaneous layer, recovery is taking place.

The vitality that the skin needs in collagen, It gives renewal and youthful appearance.

Time required: Over a session or sessions not exceeding 1 hour application is performed.

Type of anesthesia:
Anesthesia creams are used for anesthesia.

Healing Process:
Back to work or school: Life can be continued as normal. The area should be protected from the sun.
Sports or strenuous activity: Irritation, impact and excessive You can start the sport by protecting it from tension.
Final appearance: After the end of the sessions, the peeling process is also with the end of the new look begins to make itself felt.