Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid Surgery

Aging can lead to some deformations in the eyelids over time.

With the gravitational effect created by gravity, the years we have spent can also be seen. There are negative effects on the lids and the environment. aging and when gravity combines on both eyelids, eyebrows and this area loosening, sagging and excess skin in the surrounding tissues may occur.

In addition, bagging specific to the lower eyelid may occur. It's natural to come out. in the eyelid and surrounding tissues This negative situation can disturb the person aesthetically.

Aesthetic severe relaxation as well as anxiety, serious may cause visual disturbances by causing sagging. This too It adds functional problems as well as aesthetic problems.

With eyelid operations performed within the scope of medical aesthetics Together, this problem can be eliminated and patients can be treated both aesthetically and functionally. In this respect, they can regain the form they desire.

In eyelid medical aesthetic operations, the eyelid and its surrounding area the process of removing excess skin that causes problems in the tissues is performed.

In addition, the membrane in front of herniated fat tissues It is strengthened and excess fat is removed from the area. eyelid medical aesthetics Mild scars on the upper and lower eyelid lines after the operation may occur, but eyelid medical aesthetic operations will result in minimal scarring. It's one of those operations.

very closely with great care When viewed, the traces will only be noticed, so people will not affect its appearance and will present a beautiful stance.

Eyelash Cover medical aesthetic operations are generally performed in patients aged 30 and over. implemented because the need for this operation is at the earliest occur at age.

Eyelid medical aesthetic operations are performed in clinical settings, healthy conditions must be carried out. Patient's current complaint and specialist The procedure to be applied is determined as a result of the analysis of our surgeons.

Some In some cases, it may be limited to only one eyelid and its surroundings. Sometimes it is necessary to intervene in both.

Required time: 1-1.5 hours

Type of anesthesia:
Local anesthesia is used for special cases.

Healing Process:
Back to work or school: 3 days
Sport or strenuous activity: 6 weeks
Last view: 6 months