Eyebrow Transplantation

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Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplant application is mostly used in female patients. Among the planting practices preferred by both women and men is located.

The eyebrow is not thick enough, in some cases no eyebrows such as absence of the eyebrows or sparseness or symmetry in the eyebrows. In some cases, eyebrow transplantation can be applied.

especially women The biggest reason for the need for eyebrow transplantation in patients, that occurs after women regularly remove their eyebrows is the condition of frown.

When this situation occurs, your eyebrows are old. its volume and presence disappear. These are the undesirable images. may reveal.

In addition, it occurs with burns and various similar accidents. In cases such as eyebrow loss that may occur, the patient can be treated with eyebrow transplantation. problem can be improved.

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the applications similar to hair and beard transplantation. are used. Eyebrow transplant application under local anesthesia It is performed and a single session can take from 1 hour to 5 hours. performed via.

During this period, the person's situation and needs varies according to the procedure.

eyebrow transplant In the application, the hair follicles in the nape area are used as donors. is used. The hair follicles collected from here are opened in the eyebrow area. It is placed in the channels and the eyebrow transplantation process is completed.

But the eyebrow In planting, an angle application is made similar to beard transplantation. This too each transferred hair root according to the angle of the root to which it will be integrated. requires placement. Of course, to achieve this in a healthy way It is very important in terms of creating a natural look.

because eyebrows are very critical facial elements for the face and facial expression. Hence the most He does not admit even the slightest mistake. If you don't want your statement to change You can also work with professional teams who are experts in the field of eyebrow transplantation. and with experienced clinics.

As in hair and beard transplantation under the roof of our assistant firm, eyebrows We also serve you with our experienced and expert staff in planting. With state-of-the-art devices and clinical environments equipped according to your needs You can get the image you want here.

Required time: The hour that changes according to the needs of the person with a single operation process is completed. The process takes place between 1-5 hours.

Type of anesthesia:
Local anesthesia is used for special cases.

Healing Process:
Back to work or school: Does not affect patients for returning to work or school, but The planting area must be protected. Especially from the sun.
Sports or strenuous activity: Sweating over a 2-week period It is not recommended to do heavy sports in terms of the effect it will create. Moreover It is absolutely necessary to avoid activities such as the sea and the pool. 2 weeks At the end of the day, doing sports by protecting the relevant area from sun and impact. possible.
Final appearance: Full results are obtained within 7-8 months.